Mobile power sources for rent

Our own technicians developed and built so-called ‘battery containers’. These mobile power sources can be used – either or not in combination with our rental transformers – as a back-up for the possible loss of high voltage or as an actual temporary power supply. In the case of high-voltage power supply, these batteries can also be used to cope with peak loads. This will reduce the electricity cost. Depending on the desired power, one or more battery containers are interconnected.

What does our battery container rental service include?

In addition to supplying the necessary battery containers, you can rely on us for the required technical advice. Our specialised technicians are also available for making all connections, commissioning and activation on site.

When to rent one or more battery containers?

Our battery containers (in combination with transformers) can be used as a back-up or to cope with any peak loads wherever there is a need for high-voltage power.

Our battery containers easily take over the role of the traditional power generators that consume large amounts of fuel and emit a lot of CO2.

Think of:

Large construction sites

Mass events

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Which battery containers do we rent?

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