What is a load bank?

A load bank is an electrical resistor which converts electrical energy into heat. This heat is usually dissipated via fans. A load bank is a reliable stable source used for the maintenance, commissioning and testing of electrical installations.

Available load banks?

Our rental fleet consists of canopy load banks, 1266KW with an Ohm load up to and including combined ISO approved containerised 3.3MVA or 6MVA load banks with voltages up to and including 480V.

The load can be easily adjusted with the portable hand-held controller in 1KW/KVA steps.

With our load banks it is possible to test generators according to ISO8528, performance class G1, G2 or G3 or according to local legislation, customer requirement. Reports can also be generated through the load bank software.

Thanks to our large stock of load banks we can quickly and flexibly provide you with the desired test set-up at any time.

What is a load bank used for?

With our load banks you can perform a wide range of tests and simulations. These vary from performing a stress test for a data centre to adjusting generators, wind turbines, solar installations and offshore installations.

All possible high, medium and low voltage installations can be tested on a constant or variable load with our load banks. It is also possible to test battery discharge and UPS units.

Our load banks provide the test reports that you need for certification. Pre-programmed tests are also an option.

Which load bank to rent?

We have all the in-house expertise to advise you when selecting the right load bank. We have already carried out numerous performance tests in a wide range of business sectors and in numerous situations.


Besides load banks, we also rent out all the required support equipment. In addition, our technicians can provide on-site assistance to perform the tests.

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Which load banks do we rent?