Huge expertise in industrial electrical installations

As a rental company, GENS Rental is an independent spin-off from DSG Belgium. In 2017, GENS Rental originated from the need of industrial companies to access large capacities very quickly in emergency situations – for example, in the event of a breakdown of the high-voltage cabin. As a specialist mobile transformer rental company, GENS Rental guarantees a 24-hour service in these situations.

Dedicated manager

GENS Rental is the company of manager Jef Van den Brande. In 2010, he joined DSG Belgium as a project manager. From this position, he gained worldwide experience in high-voltage projects.


In 2015, he took over DSG Belgium, after which the company, as a specialist in high voltage and industrial electrical installations, experienced a strong growth from 25 to 70 employees.


The need for fast and reliable solutions in case of failure of high voltage installations inspired Jef to start up GENS Rental for the worldwide rental of self-built mobile transformer containers.

Strong partners

As a spin-off, GENS Rental can always call on the enormous expertise of DSG Belgium in the field of industrial electrical installations. DSG designs and builds the mobile container transformers, the battery containers and the switchboard containers.


In addition, DSG engineers are available for the development and commissioning of complex, high-performance rental projects. DSG’s experienced technical specialists take care of all the connections and commissioning of the temporary installations on site.