Need large power capacity quickly?

Wherever buildings, installations or machines need high or deviating power supply in the short term, our rental transformers guarantee a reliable solution. We rent out our transformers for periods of one week to several years. These ‘plug & play’ transformers are integrated in mobile sea containers, allowing us to provide the required power very quickly at any location. In the event of an emergency situation – for example, a high-voltage cabin breakdown – we can provide a solution immediately thanks to our large stock and 24-hour service.

What does our transformer rental service include?

Not only do we supply the transformer in a mobile container, our technicians and engineers take care of all the required connections, commissioning and activation of the temporary installation. In the event of an emergency, our engineers immediately arrive on site to work out a technical solution. For projects – like construction sites or mass events – we engineer a customised total solution with our rental transformers.

When to rent a transformer?

Renting a transformer is possible in emergency situations as well as in case of temporary needs for large capacities. Below you will find some common examples. Thanks to our large stock of transformers, we can easily cover virtually any need for high power supplies.

High-voltage installation that suddenly fails

If a high-voltage cabin or system is temporarily switched off due to fire, breakdown or other circumstances, a solution must be found immediately. An operational high-voltage cabin is required to provide all installations and machines with the necessary power. Pending a repair or the set-up of a new high-voltage installation, our transformers ensure operational continuity. We are available 24 hours a day for emergency situations and we set to work immediately.

Large construction sites or mass events

Large construction sites or mass events are usually supplied with the necessary electricity by a network of generators. In combination with a temporary connection to high voltage, our transformers offer a much cheaper and eco-friendly solution. You save on the enormous fuel oil consumption and the polluting CO2 emissions of the generators. We will be pleased to calculate your financial savings.

Setting up temporary power plants

Combined with high-capacity generators, our rental transformers enable us to create a powerful power plant for the short or long term. Thanks to our transformers, fewer generators are needed, while they can also be collected at one location.

Creating test situations

Our transformers are perfect to create a test set-up to connect wind turbines to the electricity grid at a later stage or in situations where the end user needs a large capacity when the final high-voltage installation has not yet been delivered.

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